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Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Farrell Topham, IBCLC

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

Meet Farrell:

Farrell Topham, IBCLC is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and certified postpartum doula. She has been serving San Francisco Bay Area families since 2010. Farrell started this practice with the belief that all parents deserve to experience empowerment and confidence during their journey through pregnancy and postpartum. 


 As a lactation consultant, Farrell gives parents the practical guidance and non judgemental care they need to achieve their feeding goals and thrive! She supports the entire family’s physical and emotional needs so that the path into parenthood is a smooth and joyful transition.  In addition to traditional methods of lactation and feeding therapy, Farrell brings her unique blend of advanced practice skills to create a holistic care plan that meets each family's individual needs. She holds additional training and education in craniosacral therapy for infants, oral-motor therapy for infants, Tummy Time Method for infants, Therapeutic Breast Massage for parents and herbal medicine. 


In addition to feeding support in the early weeks postpartum,  Farrell enjoys supporting parents beyond the newborn period. She believes that in order to continue breastfeeding beyond the first 6 months of their child’s life, parents require support and preparation for integrating this commitment into their jobs and workplace environment.  Farrell prepares parents for transitioning back to work or school, and facilitates details like pumping, working with child care, referrals, and real life logistics.  Beyond lactation and feeding support, Farrell is passionate about teaching skills like babywearing, infant massage and developmental play to all her clients. As a native San Franciscan, she is proud to work with a diverse group of parents, she values inclusivity and supports our LGBTQ families!

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You don't have to wing it! Get prepared with basics and not-so-basics before little one arrives. 

Personalized one on one feeding and lactation therapy in the comfort of your own home or virtually via video conference.

I have the pump and now what?? Get help making a personalized back to work plan. 



"We had difficulties latching and breastfeeding from the start with our first and only baby. After seeing different lactation consultants at every visit with Kaiser, we decided to work with Farrell for personalized and consistent support. She visited our home over the course of several visits and provided so much education and support for our feeding challenges. Because of our work together, we were able to improve our child's tongue and mouth mobility and suction and my milk supply, and establish ways for us to feed and comfort him at the breast. I highly recommend working with Farrell if anyone is looking for personalized lactation support!​"

Jenna G. - Mill Valley

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