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In Home  Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed babies and yet most parents need support getting off to a good start! 


Our initial 90 min visit can take place in your home. Home visits are available in Marin and East Bay. We will discuss your health history and any maternal lactation or infant feeding concerns. I will provide hands on feeding assistance and develop an individualized plan of care for you and your child. I specialize in issues such as:


  • positioning and latch      

  • engorgement                    

  • plugged ducts                   

  • oversupply                        

  • pumping routines            

  • infant weight loss  

  •  LGBTQ families


After our initial visit, I offer 1 week of unlimited email or phone follow up included with my fee. 60 min follow up visits are billed at a lower rate and also include 1 week of unlimited virtual support . Phone consultations are available after the virtual support window has ended for a nominal fee.


No matter what your feeding goals are, I support you in creating a nurturing bond between you and your baby. Together we will conquer any challenges that arise so that your transition into parenthood is joyful and stress free!

  • sore nipples

  • mastitis

  • low milk supply

  • tongue and lip tie

  • preterm babies

  • going back to work

  • introducing a bottle, bottle refusal

Private Virtual

Lactation Consultation

Why virtual? A virtual consultation is a great option for a variety of circumstances where in person help may not be required, geographically/logistically possible, or financially accessible.  Virtual consultations are 60-90 min and take place via secure HIPAA compliant video platform. The fee for virtual consultation also includes 1 week of unlimited email or phone followup after the session. Here are some examples of needs that can be met easily via virtual consultation:

  • prenatal education & preparation     

  • feeding plan follow up

  • back to work & pumping preparation                    

  • introducing a bottle             

  • introducing solid foods                  

  • teething       

  • weaning  

* In most cases in person care is ideal for complex or urgent feeding issues such as infant weight loss, low milk supply or suck dysfunction.  However if your family is not able to meet the home visit fee for initial or follow up sessions,  a virtual session at reduced cost can be extremely beneficial. *

Unsure if a virtual session is right for you? Contact me!

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